Wednesday, April 4, 2018

How Do I Find IMEI Number on HTC 10?

Do you ever lose your phone or it is stolen? Certainly lost or suffered theft incident mobile phone is a very sad thing and also sucks. With the loss of the phone, it means that we have lost an important file too in it and rarely we can get back a phone that has gone on us. But for users of HTC 10 you would have a greater chance to get your phone back in case of loss. Simply by having the IMEI number on the HTC 10 you can easily find it.

Find IMEI Number on HTC 10

Why IMEI is very important? For those of you who don’t know about that before, IMEI or International Mobile Station Equipment Identity is a number unique to each device to identify it (your smartphone). In addition, the IMEI number is a serial number that will allow smartphones to be identified correctly and this will allow you to prove that you have a smartphone in HTC 10 cases of stolen and you want to take it back. So it is highly advisable for you that you write down the IMEI of your HTC 10 after purchase. Your HTC IMEI number 10 can be found by three methods:

1. Find out the IMEI via the Android system
  • Go to the phone's ‘Settings’ 
  • Select the "Device Information" 
  • Tap the "Status" in here you can see a variety of input information from your HTC 10. One of them is the "IMEI" and now you can see your IMEI serial number.

2. IMEI on packaging
Another method to get your IMEI number is by looking at the sticker on the back of the phone box that will provide you with HTC 10 IMEI number.

3. Show IMEI via service code

Besides using both methods, you can use a service code to get your IMEI serial number. It is also very easy to do, just need to type the following code at the keypad dialer: * # 06 # and of course you'll get your IMEI number.


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