Tuesday, July 3, 2018

How to Move Apps to the SD card on Samsung Galaxy S9

Today what we're gonna do is really quickly show you how to move apps to the SD card on Galaxy S9. Now out of the box the phone has about 64 gigabytes of space which is plenty for most you'll be able to download a lot of apps and games and take photos and video and have plenty of space no problem but after you've owned the phone for about a year or so you might start to run out of space and want to transfer apps and free up space.

Move Apps to the SD card on Samsung Galaxy S9

Steps to Move Apps to the SD card on Samsung Galaxy S9

let's go ahead and put on a notification bar tap the gear shape Settings button and in settings go down and select on apps.

Make sure the all apps tab is selected at the top and now you can go ahead and scroll through any app that comes on your phone or that you have downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Now keep in mind that you can't move any app to the SD card.

Some of the ones that come pre-installed you cannot change but if it's something you've downloaded like a big game my clash Royale or all kinds of other things those you can move as you can see here this is wasting you know almost you know 200 megabytes close to a quarter of a gig of space on the phone.

Let's go ahead and tap any app you'd like to change select storage and as you can see it is inside the device memory tap on change and for whatever reason my SD card says one but it's 128 gig SD card.

Tap on that and now you're going to export clash royale and its data to the SD card inside the phone which as you know you threw inside up at the top so you go ahead and hit transfer and wait a few seconds to transfer the game apps.

Whatever you may be moving to the SD card now this will take a couple of seconds if it's a large app or game like this as you can see it took a little longer than a couple of seconds but that's it it's very simple and they need to kind of go through find anything else Dropbox whatever you'd like.

Whatever you've downloaded and move them to your SD card and that will free up space, so the only downside to this is if you ever take your SD card out those games will not work of course because they are no longer stored on your phone but that's it guys quick look it's freeing up some space on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

For more tips, feel free to going to galaxy s9 manual.


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